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          Abrasive and Polishing Technology

          Our highly specialized abrasive expertise has been developed through a well coordinated integration of in-depth study of the market and industry, and constant research and development. Surie Polex is engaged in the manufacture, supply and export of the following:-

          T (Triangle) for Floor Polishing CS (Casani) for Floor Polishing
          HB (Hand Block) for Manual Polishing B (Butterfly/Munich) for Tread Polishing
          CRB,S,K (Chamfering) for Hand Polisher
          F (Frankfurt) for Floor/Slab/Tile Polishing R1 (Fickert) for Floor, Slab & Tile Polishing
          Finishing Abrasives
          5X(wet look for Marble, Terrazzo, Limestone & Mosaic) 6M(A buffing abrasive is to be used on marble after 5X to enhance clarity) 6G( wet look on Granite and Hard Marble-Fickert and Chamfering Shapes)
             Floor Polishing/Slab Polishing Machines
          Slab Polishers
          Hand Polishers
          Tread Polishers
          Marble Floor Polishers
          Granite Floor Polishers, Marble Polishing Machines
          Polishing Accessories
          Brushes Pigments
          Shining Powders Plastic Fittings
          Woolen Buffing Felts
          Resins for Filling
          Mag Cement

          Other Products
          Vacuum Cleaners   
          High Speed Polishers
          Floor Cleaners
          • Cleaning Chemicals - Floor Cleaners-Neutral, Floor Cleaners Heavy Duty, Floormatic-Low Foam Cleaners, Disinfectant Cleaners, Toilet Bowl Cleaners-extra Strong,  Toilet Bowl Cleaners-Det Power, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners, Glass Cleaners, Tap & Tile Scale Removers, Dishwashing Liquids,  Rinse Aids, Oven & Grill Cleaners, Utensil Cleaning Powders, De-Scalant Powders, Deodoriser-Odor Absorbers, Perfume Sprays, Dishwasher Liquids, Fabric Softeners, Silk & Wool Wash, Prewash Fabric Stain Removers, etc.

          Specific Details Of Marble Polishing Machines

          The Marble Polishing Machines offered by us are widely used for the purpose of cleaning and polishing the stone surfaces. It generates the polish paste, polishing powder and liquids for complete cleaning and restoration of natural stones floor surface such as Marble.

          The Marble Polishing Machines are provided with the following accessories:

          • Diamond abrasive discs
          • Gloss meters
          • Polishing products

          Advantages Of The Machine

          • Gives a natural appearance to the floor with its high gloss and sheen
          • Never requires stripping
          • Provides a relatively durable finish
          • Remove even the fine scratches very efficiently

          Infrastructural Facility

          Surie Polex operates world-class manufacturing Marble Polishing Machines facilities at Nariana in New Delhi. The infrastructure facility has been characterized by its superior product slate. One important feature in this regard is High proportion of high-value products and services. The production unit is based on state of the art technologies and spreads over a colossal area of 50,000 sq ft.

          Sales Network

          We have always believed that the well-being of the company and of its people are interdependent; and that the company's most valuable assets are its people. Surie Polex has 80 distributors and 3500 dealers all over India. Their experience and knowledge ensures hassle free shipments and clearances by the export authorities.